Fully Loaded

Sometimes, only a burger will do. And when you want a burger, you want a real BURGER. Not a tiny little processed patty, with a sad looking bit of rubber cheese on the top.

No. You want the real deal.

That’s why we created Loaded Burgers. We wanted the real deal too. Top quality, meaty, flavoursome burgers. Tonnes of super-fresh toppings to choose from. A price that won’t break the bank. And somewhere funky to sit and eat it.

Now that’s more like it.

Since launching our first Loaded Burgers restaurant in Ilford just 2 years ago, the word has spread faster than than we can serve it up! The gourmet burger vibe is buzzing. People keep coming back for more. And we intend to give it to them.

We’re expanding through franchising and looking for burger-loving buddies to help us grow.

Want to join us?


Funky flavours

When five brothers want a flaming good burger and can’t find anywhere locally to get it, they get their heads together.
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Are you ready to take a bite?

To run a franchise with Loaded Burgers you need to be entrepreneurial and commercially minded.
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Business is booming

We’re super proud of what we’ve achieved with Loaded Burgers in just a short amount of time. Our brand is fresh, funky and full of flavour.
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How it all stacks up

Taking on a franchise is a serious investment, but we’re a fun bunch and want to help you get excited about the possibilities of working us.
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