Funky flavours

When five brothers want a flaming good burger and can’t find anywhere locally to get it, they get their heads together. They decide that if no-one else can serve up the funky flavours they want, then they’ll flipping well do it themselves.

And so we did.

Loaded Burgers was created in 2014 to satisfy our own desire for a really tasty burger and a cool dining experience. It worked for us and the hundreds of customers who quickly became regular diners. So, we launched our second restaurant in 2016.

The best burgers in town

In our restaurants, everything is prepared freshly. Our meat is really good and we’ve got tasty toppings aplenty. But, importantly, most of the menu is priced at under £10. That really is a gourmet burger bargain.

We know how to make the best burgers. And we know what tastes good. It’s a recipe for success that we’re happy to share with our franchisees.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity you can really get your teeth into, then a Loaded Burgers franchise could be right up your street.

On the menu

  1. Comprehensive franchise package
  2. Tried and tested business model
  3. License to use our exciting gourmet burger brand
  4. Turnkey package of equipment, core food lines and consumables
  5. Growth market with good profit potential
  6. Long-term management support
  7. Serious investment opportunity

Drop us a line

If you’d like to find out more about how you can build an exciting and profitable business with Loaded Burgers, please register your interest.
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Are you ready to take a bite?

To run a franchise with Loaded Burgers you need to be entrepreneurial and commercially minded.
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Business is booming

We’re super proud of what we’ve achieved with Loaded Burgers in just a short amount of time. Our brand is fresh, funky and full of flavour.
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How it all stacks up

Taking on a franchise is a serious investment, but we’re a fun bunch and want to help you get excited about the possibilities of working us.
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